It feels like forever since the last time I wrote something. And it kind of is, given that I haven’t updated my personal blog ever since I joined thoughtbot in 2012. That was due to a combination of lacking the time to do proper research outside work hours and finding better venues for technical writing.

In a way, I was trying to spend my time fixing the things that irk me rather than writing about them. Actions speak louder than words has become my motto. But as time went on, I started to realize that writing about something as way of getting it out of your system is highly effective, especially when you consider the constraint of time.

Given how tiny my blog audience got over the last 3 years, I considered moving to Medium as a way to revitalize my readership though social connections. I quickly discarded the idea; no amount of perks can convince me to write on a closed platform.

With that out of the picture, I had to figure out whether I want to resume from where I left off or start from scratch. To get the SEO benefits of the former and the freedom of the latter, I decided to move the old content to a new home and set up redirects from the old one. Having total control over your data always pays off.

It feels good to be back.